Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sam Bennett Posts - 2007

Norco Democrats Afraid of Democracy

Congressional Rumblings in the 15th District

Norco Dem Bosses Try (and Fail) to Muzzle Bloggers

Dem Chair Joe Long Slanders Ron Angle Yet Refuses to Accept Calls on Call-in Talk Show

2008's Charles Dertinger - Sam "Sacrificial Lamb" Bennett

Dent's Cash v. Bennett's IOUs

Opportunistic Sam Bennett: Trying Her Best to Re-elect Congressman Charlie Dent

Congressional Wannabe Sam Bennett: Say Hello to my Little Friend!

Senator Browne, Listed as Bennett Donor, Asks Rendell to Pull State Funding

Sam Bennett's Nonprofit Helping Her Congressional Ambitions

King Midas Meets Congressional Wannabe Sam Bennett

Bennett Rumors Prove Accurate: Nonprofit Funding is Halved

Bennett's Campaign Finance Report Doesn't Stack Up to Her Boasts

Rendell Should Keep His Philly Nose Out of Pa 15th Congressional District

Bennett Campaign Vainly Tries Some Damage Control

LC Dem Committeman Asks Bennett to Withdraw Candidacy

An Allentown Dem Who Likes Both Bennett and Dent

Congressional Wannabe Sam Bennett: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Daily Kos Drumming Up Money for Bennett

Dent v. Bennett = Teflon v. Velcro

LC Dem Chair Daugherty: Why I Support Sam Bennett for Congress

Bob Wolper & Karen Ritter Say NO to Sam Bennett

Congressional Wannabe Sam Bennett Takes a Stand ... and Bends Nonprofit Rules Again

"Take a Stand" Town Hall Bashes Congressman Dent, But Takes No Stand

What Has Happened to Sam Bennett's Endorsement Page?

FEC Thows Penalty Flag at Bennett's Former Employer

Bill Hall to Challenge Sam Bennett for Democratic Congressional Nod in LV

Bennett's Fundraising Problem: Too Liberal or a Phony?

Sam Bennett's Sure Fire Way to Bring in Those Congressional Bucks!

Properties of Merit: Garden Rakes For Elitists

Norco Citizen Advisory Panel Elections Timeline

January 23 Minutes
- LVR report: Stoffa's Citizen Committee Deals With NorCo Election Mess

January 31 Minutes
- LVR report: Norco Citizens Elections Committee Follows That Paper Trail
- Did Advanced Voting Solutions Pull a Fast One in Pa.?
- BlackBox Voting Backs Up Charge That Advanced Voting Pulled Fast One in Pa.

Febraury 7 Minutes
- LVR Report: Citizens' Election Panel Questions Voting Machine Certification

Febraury 13 Minutes
- LVR Report: Norco Elections Committee Wants Answers From AVS
- Voting Activist Asks That Norco Voting Machines Be Tested

February 21 Minutes
- LVR report: Norco Voter Registrar DePaul Discusses Her Kingdom

February 28 Minutes
- LVR report #1: In Northampton County, Bloggin' is Dangerous to Your Health!
- LVR report #2: Norco Registrar DePaul to Critics: "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!"
- Febraury 28 Letter to State Elections Commissioner
- State Elections Official Finally Speaks, But Not to Norco Citizens' Elections Panel
- Norco Registrar DePaul Tries to Soak County for $2470 Private Lawyer Bill
- Northampton Voting Registrar's Lawyer Also Represented Local Dems
- Norco Voter Registrar Uses Lawyer Recommended by Local Dem Chair
- State Never Certified NoCo Voting Machines: Too Busy Plowing Snow?
- An Epistle From Joseph of Bethlehem: Dem Boss Long Denies Elections Problems

Survey Results Summary

April 4 Minutes
- LVR report: Norco Elections Task Force Reviews Positive Survey in Final Public Meeting
- Commonwealth Court Permits Suit Challenging Voting Machine Certifications

Norco Citizens' Advisory Panel: Election Report
- Norco Elections Commission Chair: Report "Pure Partisan Politics"
- Norco's Election Chair, Wally G, Doing Partisan Radio Show ... Again!