Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Barron Email To NorCo Council dated 5/5/15

From 1/2/2014 to present there have been 1,411 people who received some sort of pay adjustment. This does not included the most recent clerical staff. It does include union, non-union and part time workers. This amounts to 1,863 transactions and changes to the payroll system since John Brown has taken office. There are three known issues with Salary Adjustments (Pay Code 26). At question are the following amounts: Cathy Allen : $6,934.40 (This does not include the out of class pay which she is most likely allowed) Chris Zieger: $2,900.54 (This excludes his out of class pay, but does not include any consideration of pension impact since Mr. Zieger is vested in the pension) Stanley Rugis: $606.40 (This was simply a raise and no out of class) Total: $10,531.34 If one looks at those 1,411 employees there are 54 of those employees who were given additional salary under the Pay Code 26 or Pay Code 16 (Out of Class Pay) in the database that warrants additional review. I have those names and will conduct that review and give a report to council as soon as I follow up if there are any additional matters other than the current top administrators. Some of these people were adjusted based on council action and I want to confirm those matters and alert you to problems if they arise. Linda, please forward this to all council members and allow me until at least the June 4th council meeting to research this 51 remaining individuals situations (54 minus the 3 known problem increases).