Monday, March 17, 2008

Is Freddy Lutz a Democrat?

The following is the text of an email I received from Freddy Lutz concerning his party registration.

Thank you for the opportunity to answer your questions. I do not have a current “blogger” account, and therefore will respond via email.

For one, let me say that I did not (or did not intend to, if it was presented to you in that manner) refer to myself as the Chairperson of Catasauqua, but rather the Chairperson of the Planning Commission for the Borough of Catasauqua. I noticed several other minor typo's in the transcript posted on your website (as compared to the original letter I sent), but I’m guessing this was manually transcribed since I did not submit an electronic version, but the bulk of facts are accurate.

As far as my Party affiliation goes, I had registered as an Independent a number of years ago simply because I never considered myself a hard-line member of either principal political party. However, throughout the years I have found myself voting primarily in a manner consistent with many Democratic viewpoints, and intend on making this change formal not only for this potential appointment, but also so that I may voice my opinion in the upcoming primary election. As far as the rest of my qualifications go, I would agree with the fact that a simple resume or letter does not define any individual. I'm sure that all of the interested individuals, including myself, bring a unique set of talents to the table that should be considered in their own light. I trust the individuals responsible for ultimately selecting their candidate will base their decision on who they believe will best fill the vacant position.

I hope this satisfies your curiosity. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any other questions.


Freddy Lutz

Monday, March 10, 2008

Nancy Wilt Letter of Interest & Resume

Letter of Interest.
Please allow me this opportunity to inform you that I am sincerely interested in the District Three vacancy on the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners and would greatly appreciate you adding my name for consideration for this appointment.

Currently, I have the honor of serving as a Legislative Assistant and Office Administrator to State Senator Lisa M. Boscola. This position (which I have held for the past 13 years) has afforded me the opportunity to learn about the intricacies of government including the legislative process and the relationship between the state and local municipalities.

I am a homeowner in the 13th Ward of the City of Allentown, where I live with my husband and our three children. Furthermore, I am a life-long resident of Lehigh County and am quite proud of my record of commitment to our community. Please know that I am active in several community organizations, as well as my church.

It is my sincere goal to continue to contribute to the betterment of our county in order to provide the brightest possible future for my children and our future generations. Although Commissioner Derr will be truly missed, I am confident that I have the right experience, energy and judgment to ably complete his term.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. I truly look forward to the opportunity to discuss my interest in this appointment with you further. If you have any questions about my interest in this position, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

To obtain a position that utilizes my strong organizational and communication skills in an environment of service to my community

Professional Experience:

Executive Assistant: State Senator Lisa M. Boscola (18th PA Senate District): Bethlehem, PA: 1998 to Present Responsibilities include generating and maintaining Senator's district schedule, overseeing daily operations of Bethlehem District Office, fielding of constituent telephone calls and working with constituent outreach projects, maintaining databases, maintaining office budget and completing appropriate expense vouchers. Additionally, this position requires strong written and oral communications skills, being detail oriented, the ability to work one on one as well as in a team environment and the ability to assess constituent cases and come to a satisfactory resolution.

Legislative Assistant and Office Administrator: State Representative Lisa M. Boscola (135th PA House District): Bethlehem, PA: 1995 to 1998

Responsibilities included generating responses for the Representative to incoming correspondence, fielding of constituent telephone calls, assessing constituent needs and working with the appropriate Commonwealth departments, maintaining Representative's schedule, maintaining of office budget, and supervision of interns

Canvass Director, Clean Water Action: Allentown, PA: 1994 to 1995

Responsibilities included recruitment, interviewing, training and supervision of staff, meeting fundraising goals, maintaining a budget, payroll, public speaking, understanding the legislative process and direct lobbying. Additionally, this position required strong written and oral communication skills, the ability to work on an individual basis, as well as with a group and solid organizational and time management skills

Field Manager and Canvasser, Clean Water Action: Allentown, PA: 1990 to 1994

Responsibilities included community education and fundraising regarding environmental legislation, meeting fundraising goals, training and supervision of staff and a thorough understanding of the political process


- Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA: Majored in Communications: 1987 to 1990 Lehigh Carbon Community College, Schnecksville, PA: 1986-1987 Graduate, Emmaus High School, Emmaus, PA: 1985

Volunteer Experience:

Past Member of the Board of Directors: Coalition for Appropriate Transportation
Volunteer: Various electoral campaigns for state and national government; registering voters, phone banking and GOTV
Past Member: West Park Civic Association
Member: West Walnut Neighborhood Association
Member: Union Terrace Elementary School PTA

Computer Proficiency:

Microsoft 2000 Professional Office Suite; including Word, Excel, Access, Publisher and Power Point

Dennis Pearson Letter of Interest & Resume

Letter of Interest.
At the moment the County's largest city Allentown has only one resident on the Board of County Commissioners, Dan McCarthy. People outside the city hold all the at-large seats. Given this fact, the next Board of Commissioner from District 3 should be an Allentown resident. That is most logical but it may not necessarily be.

During the mid to late fifties the Lehigh Valley was predominately agricultural in both orientation and thought. The then existing industrial complex being primarily concentrated in the cities (that is, Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton in Pennsylvania and Phillipsburg in New Jersey) and a few outlying suburban communities. We note the heart of this five county industrial complex comprised the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, New Jersey Zinc Company, Ingersoll-Rand, Mack Trucks, Air Products & Chemicals, Lehigh Portland Cement and Western Electric.

I initiated a study entitled "We Present the Truth, But You Still Don't Comprehend" believing that I can come to a general understanding concerning the chronology and decision-making that has led to the planned or unanticipated destruction of the character of the Lehigh Valley's landscape from largely rural to urban sprawl which in its extended form is called megalopolis.

A megalopolis, of course, is an urban complex encompassing several major cities and regions. Its application in the Lehigh Valley region would be the Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (S.M.S.A) of Allentown-Bethlehem and Easton (A-B-E). The A-B-E S.M.S.A comprises the Counties of Carbon, Lehigh and Northampton in Pennsylvania and Warren County in New Jersey. We add that in regards to this study I concentrated on considerations that have impacted upon Lehigh County and its major city, Allentown; and I concerned myself with Carbon, Northampton, Berks or Warren Counties when developments there tied-in and matched my field of consideration.

Today the heart of the five county industrial complex has changed and the Count}' has dealt with this fact of life on a continuing basis as well as their response to the unanticipated destruction of the character of the Lehigh Valley's landscape from largely rural to urban sprawl.

As an lifetime resident of Lehigh County and the district I wish to serve, I have demonstrated my interest in the issues that face Local government whether it be the Allentown School Board, Allentown City Council or the Board of County Commissioners by being present at these meeting many times when I did not have to attend as most residents would do. In fact, my interest is such that it was even my practice to attend public meetings outside the City of Allentown.

It is my belief that I would be an asset to the County Board of Commissioners given the information I have learned from going to the before said meetings The fact, that I have been a leader in East Allentown for so many years and served these people with dedication and sincerity in a position of leadership that worked more to benefit the people of my neighborhood then myself.

If there is a learning curve to be a Commissioner I believe that my learning curve will be short given all this experience.

I would be most honored to fill the seat once occupied by Leon Eisenhart who offered his constituency one promise — " I will a good job." And doubly, I would be honored to succeed Kurt Derr as representative of the Third Commissioner District. Kurt Derr served his constituency well by doing his homework on the work that needed to be done.

Therefore, I Dennis LeRoy Pearson make this known this day of March 9, 2008 to the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners of my desire and interest to be appointed by the Board as the next Commissioner for District # 3. As Commissioner I seek to do a good job, do my homework and ask God if it is his will to serve me up with a little bit of wisdom to understand and react to the real concerns and needs of the people of my district and the people of Lehigh County.

To be appointed County Commissioner District # 3
A responsible, motivated and productive individual with over 25 years experiences in the industrial service section of a major metal-producing company. A hard-working and creative community leader who has demonstrated great ability in improving neighborhood livability. Very concerned about the needs of children and people. Certified Social Studies (PA/NJ), Elementary (NJ).

- President, Neighborhood Association
- Past Participant, Agere Technologies -Environment Advisory Group
- Board Member and Officer in effort to preserve the legacy of the individuals who worked in steel.
- Ability to identify needs
- Persuasive/influential
- Organizational Skills
- Motivational skills
- Capable of organizing and maintaining financial records
- An educator who was involved as an ESOL Adult Tutor, Catholic Relief Agency


*Northern Lehigh School District, Slatington, PA 2002- Present
*Sa!isbury Township School District, Allentown, PA 1999 - Present
*Southern Lehigh School District, Center Valley, PA 1999 - Present
*Parkfand School District, Aiientown, PA 1999 - Present
*East Perm School District, Emmaus, PA 2002- Present
*Bethlehem Area School District, Bethlehem, PA 1999 -Present
Northampton School District, Northampton, PA 1999 - 2002
*Saucon Valley School District, Hellertown, PA 1996 - Present
*Quakertown Community School District, Quakertown, PA2002- Present
*PhiIHpsburg School District, Philiipsburg, NJ 1999 -Present
**Whitehaff-Copiay School District, Whitehall, PA 1999 - 2002
(Short- Term Substitute Teacher --- * Denotes on list 2005-2006 term
Conduct classes on various subjects on a short-term basis as assigned.
Use various teaching methods.
" Summer School Instructor —- 2000 — Denoted by +)

Allentown YMCA/YWCA, Allentown, Pa 2000 - 2003
Tutor and Teacher - After School Child Care Program - Cetronia Elementary

Bethiehem Steel Corporation, Bethlehem PA 1973 - 2000
- Prepared incoming water for use by high-intensity boilers
- Analyzed water quality and treated accordingly.
- Worked to close tolerances.
- Maintained and operated boilers and auxiliary equipment
- Responsible for daily reports.
- Trained co-workers


4-Year College and University Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA
Act 48 Courses — 2002
Computer Training 1999
Certification (Social Studies 7-12 1970-1978
History (7-12) - BS Education 1965-1969
Muhlenberg Coiiege, Allentown, PA
* Act 48 Course — 2003
East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg, Pa
Coaching 1999-1999
Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA
* Elementary Education 1996-1998
Penm State University
Business 1997-1998
Lehigh University, Bethiehem, PA
MA History 1969-1971

2-Year College and Other Training Performance Resources

* USWA/Bethlehem Steel Career Development Program 1993-1999
Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School, Bethlehem, PA
* Web Page Development 1998-1998
Community CPR and First Aid 2002-2002
Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations 1992-1992
Lehigh County Community College, SchnecksviHe, Pa 1991-1991
Texas Education Agency 1991-1991
* Space Science
L.E. Dieruff High School, AHentown, PA 1962-1965

Computer Skills:
Word Processing and Writing, Graphics, Siide Shows, Desktop Publishing, Database,
Spreadsheets, World Wide Web....

Programs: Claris Works, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Money,
Microsoft Excel, Power Point, HyperStudio

Operating Systems - Macintosh, M.S. Dos, MS 3.1, MS 95, MS SSMicrosoft

Freddy Lutz Letter of Interest

Letter of Interest:
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Freddy E. Lutz Jr., and I am writing to express my interest in filling the current vacancy on the Board of Commissioners, serving Lehigh County's Third District.

My wife and I have lived in the Borough of Catasauqua (3d District) since 2001, and while I am not a "native" of the Lehigh Valley, have considered this region to be my home since 1992. As many others, I have witnessed the growth and progress that has occurred in the area, and understand that only through my active involvement in local affairs can I contribute towards making the future growth of this area occur in a positive, sustainable manner.

I feel that my upbringing and history have provided me with the breadth of experience that would be a wonderful compliment the current Board. I also believe that, while each individual has the right to believe in what they wish, a certain degree of compromise and objectivity is required to truly represent those residents which they have chosen to serve.

As a Fine-Arts Major in college, I frequently found myself using my creative skills to find solutions for a variety of problems. I am a strong believer that in order to find the best solution, most times you need to keep an open mind, since progress is not only repeating those things that have proven successful, but also educating yourself to the issues at hand, and going in new directions. Most of us have heard the phrase: "If you risk nothing, you risk everything." I feel this philosophy is paramount to fully addressing the needs of the public for one simple reason - when you look back through history at all the life-altering projects improved a regions livelihood and sustainability, every one of them required taking a chance.

My Experience:

In my early professional career, I held a number of construction-related jobs, which have provided me the valuable "life experience" of constructing various improvements from buildings, to utilities, to road infrastructure. I have found that understanding the logistical issues and limitations of implementing these types of projects has been instrumental in my professional advancement since then.
In 2001,1 assumed a managerial position in local government, serving as a zoning officer in a Northampton County municipality. In that position, I served as a liaison to a number of Boards and Commissions, and acquired a wealth of experience in interpreting/applying the Pennsylvania Municipalities Code (MFC), as well as coordinating projects and addressing issues with virtually every municipal department, including Police, Public Works, and Water and Sewer Authorities. In that same period, I also became the municipal Geographic Information Systems (CIS) Administrator, which fostered an even deeper belief in "seeing the big picture", as I facilitated GIS projects with all the same Boards, Commissions, and departments.
Currently, I am an Office Manager and Executive Staff Member for a regional engineering firm, and am responsible for day-to-day activities of the firms Lehigh Valley office, including business development, personnel matters, and other administrative functions. In this capacity, I am regularly involved in municipal projects, as this is the focus of the firms business. As a result, I am immersed in the dynamic daily issues that most local and regional governments face. From regulatory agencies, to private resident concerns, I am frequently involved in mediating issues that require an understanding of both (or more) view-points relating to a variety of issues, from Subdivision and Land Development applications, utility and road improvements, stormwater management, and code enforcement, to name a few. I consider myself to be an above-average communicator, and have found that most adversarial issues can be greatly reduced by communicating effectively, and respectfully. Similarly, educating yourself to the issues at hand allows you to understand the viewpoints of others. While you may not agree with those views, you can at least make a more educated decision by understanding their concerns.

I am also currently the Chairperson of the Borough of Catasauqua, and have served in this capacity for the past 2 years. Prior to that, Ihad served as a member of the same board for one year. In this capacity, I frequently converse with a variety of persons seeking to improve (heir properties, sometimes not necessarily in compliance with what may be permitted or desired. As a result, it is often the case where we discuss what avenues may be open for them to achieve their goals, or how compromises can be reached that satisfy both the resident and Borough's concerns. I also communicate regarding these issues with Borough Staff and other Elected Officials, as necessary to make sure that the Boards input is conveyed in a clear, professional manner.

I stand prepared to commit the energy and resources to fulfilling the role of Commissioner, and look forward to the opportunity to meet in person for further consideration.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

David Jones Letter of Interest

Letter of interest.
I would like to formally submit my letter of consideration for the Democratic vacancy on the Board of Commissioners. I would consider it an honor and privilege to serve the citizens and families of Lehigh County by providing them effective government and core services.

I bring a solid professional background and global experience from 10 yrs in the Corporate sector. That experience includes leadership and organization development, change management as well as Professional Certifications in Six Sigma, Organizational Systems, Lean Processing Systems, This experience can lend its self to helping to shape our County Government to become even more effective as we navigate the constant state of change that Lehigh County finds itself in at this time.

Additionally I presently serve as the Executive Administrator for one of the largest Faith institutions in the County. Our multi cultural membership spans the entire Lehigh County region and beyond.
Resume (first page only).

David S. Jones Sr.

Profile Skilled administrator with 15yrs experience leading and directing various functions within organizations.

Professional leadership

A Track record of proven administrative, and interpersonal leadership abilities in business and community helping organizations improve effectiveness.
Able to effectively as a team

Demonstrated ability to work across functional, cultural and political boundaries to build coalitions of leaders.

Strategic thinker and decision maker, Successful 10 yr corporate career working my way up from an entry level position to Global HR Leadership role. Assisted city of Allentown to end a community riot and reduce tensions resulting from the accidental death of a young child.

Lifechurch Executiue Administrator

Operational leadership of the 2300 member church's ministry profile and infrastructure including managing $2.5 mil budget, supervising 40 administrative staff.

Implemented first comprehensive budgetary process resulting in net income increasing by 150%

Revamped the organizations programming profile to be more reflective of relevant needs of membership

Transitioned staff from a culturally entrenched entitlement system to performance based.

Global Operations Talent Development Manager

Direct training and development function for Averydennison's global operations consisting of divisions(6bil annual sales) and over 200 sales, manufacturing and distribution facilities. Managed the allocation of $6 mill budget working with vendors and consultants across global platform. Implemented first universal performance evaluation system for global operations (17,000 ees) Created first corporate wide talent council consisting of Operations and HR leaders from US, Asian and European divisions.

• Certified Six Sigma Greenbelt
• Quality Control Management Systems
• Kaizen Continuous Improvement
• Lean Manufacturing Processes
• Organizational Development, Executive Recruiting & Coaching
• Cross Functional Networking, Instructional Design Employment, Executive Administrator History, Global Operations Talent Development Manager,
Divisional Training Manager, Regional Training Manager, Business Results Leader

Kevin Easterling's Letter of Interest and Resume

Letter of Interest:
Please accept my letter of application to serve Lehigh County Pennsylvania and fill the current vacancy in District Three on the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners.

I have been the Democratic Committeeman for Ward 19-11 on Allentown's South side for the last 2 year, a resident of District 3 in Lehigh County for the last 7 years and a resident of Allentown (Lehigh County) for the last 36 years. I feel my professional, community and business experience will bring a new perspective and even more professionalism to our Lehigh County Government.

From a county governance perspective, my experience in administering large organizations and developing efficient operations and budgets will play a significant role in helping me to make intelligent decisions on county budget issues. I have had first hand experience in creating opportunities for children, families and the business sector and will be able to use that experience on issues relating to Community and Economic Development.

(Attached you will find my resume detailing my professional, business and community involvement over the years.)

As you might already know, I was a candidate this past November in the 2007 Municipal Election where I sought a Democratic seat as a County Commissioner at Large. While I was not successful in securing the at-large seat, my efforts and participation in the election has given me an even greater appreciation for county government.

If the results of this past November's race are any indication of District Three's support for me as a candidate, I would like to think I have gained the District support. (Gloria Ham [sic] was the only other candidate who's [sic]number where higher than mine for District Three)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to submit this application. Please feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions or need any clarifications. I look forward to meeting with you and the entire Board of Commissioners.

Employment History:

August 2007-Present: Parks & Recreation Department, 3000 Parkway BLVD, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104, Superintendent of Recreation City of Allentown PA.

Responsible for various aspect of administering the City of Allentown's Recreation Bureau. Activities of the Bureau include all recreational programming, City owned Field S Court reservations, Allentown School District facility, Grant & CDBG funding coordination. Special event coordination, Pool & Spray Park management, Summer Playground Program coordination. Staffing for the bureau includes the management of (6) fulltime staff and (100) plus part-time, seasonal and contracted program staff. The Bureaus budget is 600K.

May 2005-July 2007: Communities In Schools of the Lehigh Valley, Inc 17th & Chew Streets P.O Box 722 Allentown PA 18105, Director of Advancement

Responsible for various aspects of fundraising coordination & marketing for organization: Grants (Government-PDE S CDBG), Foundations, Tax Credits, Major Gifts Cultivation. Donor-base creation S management, direct mail solicitation, various campaign coordination, (UW employee, Success Society), Leadership Gathering coordination, Website development, newsletters. (Hard copy & electronic). Coordination of Board of Directors Advancement Committee, program report coordination.

March 2001-May 2005: Alliance For Building Communities, 830 Hamilton Street, Allentown PA 18101, Fundraising / Marketing Coordinator

Responsible for various aspect of fundraising coordination & marketing for organization: Grants (Government-HUD & CDBG, Foundations, CRA (Banks), Donor-base creation S management, direct mail solicitation, Major Gifts, Website development, newsletters.

Dec 1999-Nov 2000: Boys & Girls Club of Allentown, 720 N 6th Street, Allentown PA,
Resource Development Director

Responsible for various aspect of fundraising coordination & marketing for organization: Grants (Government-HUD & CDBG, 'Foundations, Donor-base creation S management, direct mail solicitation, Website development, newsletters

Nov-1990-Dec 1999: Positions held; Educational Director, Unit Director, Director of Operation (5 Facilities), Camp Director (Camp Horseshoe)

Planned, coordinated and managed various Youth recreation programs for various facilities of the organization. Responsible for managing a full-time and part-time staff.

July 1994-2005: Black Heritage Association of the Lehigh Valley Inc. PO Box 4385 Allentown PA 18105

Founder and President Black Heritage Festival & Basketball Tournament, Valania Park Youth Recreation Leagues (2000-2005)

Responsible for direct oversight of organizational operations: personnel, finance, public relations, development. Responsible for motivating and managing volunteer board of directors & staff.


Kutztown University, Kutztown PA. 1984/1985/1993
Currently pursuing (AFP) CFRE Certification
Lehigh University Educational Technologies-ITEC Certificate 1989-1991
Lehigh Carbon Community College- Networking & E-commerce classes 2000-2001
Dieruff High School, Irving Street Allentown PA. -High School Diploma 1980-1984

Computer Skills:

All Microsoft Applications-Word, Access, Power-Point, Excel, Publisher, Front page. Outlook Donor-base: Donor Perfect, Fundamental Donor, Web administration & development: Mdeamon Server Applications, Constant Contact and various E-Marketing ASP programs.

Honors: Rotary International Group Study Exchange Team Member/Nigeria 1994, National Society of Fundraising Professionals (NSFRE) Fundraising Scholar 2000, City of Allentown Human Relations Award Recipient- October 24th 2001 'Lehigh Valley Style Magazine' Movers & Shakers-September 2002

Professional Networks & Activities:

B&GC of America-Academy of Boys Girls Club Professionals-Management Professional 1999 The Association of Fundraising Professionals 2000-present, President MNET of PA (E-Marketing Services)

Community Volunteer Activities:

Allentown Liberty Bell Rotary Club 1998-2006, Lehigh Valley Mural Project (Funding Architect), City of Allentown Recreation Commissioner-2002-2007, Lehigh valley Workforce Investment Board 2006-2007, Board member 2007-present Coalition for Alternative Transportation

References provided upon request