Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Cracka said...

eat shit

RD said...

Bernie, this is Philip Meguire; I was one year behind you at Bethlehem Catholic. I clearly recall your face and voice back in the day. My brother Jacques was Mike's age. Only today did I read your father's Morning Call obit. My foolish father was a satisfied client of your sagacious father.
I love to tell people about your father and Vonnegut.

My father died 20 years ago, age 74. My mother just turned 89 and is in a nursing home near my sister.

I worked for the Steel 1973-74, and have spent a lot of time on the internet mulling over tribute videos and art photographs of the abandoned mills. Martin Towers was built while I was attending Becahi. I read that it has been vacant since the turn of the century.

I left the Lehigh Valley in 1974 to attend to the University of Chicago. Bethlehem prepared me well for gritty Chicago, the City on the Make of immense diversity. I spent 21 years there off and on, getting 3 degrees. In 1995, I married a nonCatholic woman from Oregon--Idaho, and moved my career to New Zealand, where I've taught college economics for 18 years. I have a 12 year old daughter Gabrielle. Since 2010, I teach law and economics, mainly an intro to contracts and property from the point of view of academic economics. 55% of my students are law students and they are the best students of my career.

Jacques, who was a better student than I was, became a coporate lawyer on the 80th floor of the Sears Tower in Chicago. This lifestyle led to a midlife crisis, one that led him out of his childless marriage and into a Trappist monastery in central France. He took permanent vows last July.

I'm on Facebook. You and Mike are most welcome to contact me via the EMail I am about to give you, which is registered under a pseudonym. Feel entirely free to delete this comment once you've read it.