Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sample Email to Bernard Kieklak

Bernie Kieklak's email:
Glenn Kranzley's email:
Lisa Boscola's email:

Dear Mr. Kieklak,

In your own words, your comments at lehigh Valley Ramblings "crossed the line." In fact, they were sexist, misogynistic and vulgar. When these comments were brought to your attention, you initially refused to apologize. "What do I care?", were your words.

The apology you eventually made was to Congressman Dent and Congressional candidate Bennett. You make no effort to apologize to Look Out Lehigh Valley, the 23 year-old woman you most viciously defamed with sexist remarks.

The purpose of this letter is to ask that you do things. First, make arrangements to apologize personally to this young lady. You can make arrangements to contact her through Chris Casey, whose email address is Second, please resign your office immediately. That is the only way you can demonstrate sincerity.

Very truly yours,

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