Monday, August 27, 2007

Text of Sam Bennett Email to Dem Committee Members

Tomorrow, We Can Tell Charlie Dent How We Feel About IraqCongressman Charlie Dent knows that the escalation in Iraq isn't working.

Congressman Dent admits there are "no good options" in Iraq.

Congressman Dent knows that this has been the bloodiest summer yet for American troops in Iraq.

So isn't it time for Charlie Dent to finally say "no" to George Bush? Let's tell him that.

In a recent meeting in his office, Dent told constituents that the so-called surge was like playing the children's game Whack-a-Mole, "where you subdue the insurgency in one place and it pops back up in another." He also said there are "no good options in Iraq."

He's right. So why does he keep voting with President Bush for more war in Iraq?
Tomorrow evening, Tuesday August 28 at 7 pm, I urge you to join your neighbors at Van Bittner Hall in Bethlehem to "Take A Stand" against the war and to urge Congressman Dent to break with President Bush.

All over the country Tuesday night, veterans, parents, students and neighbors will be gathering to tell Congress and the President that it is time to begin the withdrawal of our brave troops from the middle of a religious civil war.

Here at Van Bittner Hall, we will let Congressman Dent know:

that the death and injury toll for both Americans and Iraqis is rising, not falling, in the face of the escalation,

that the Iraqi "government" is in tatters and cannot unite the country,

that the so-called "Petraeus report" that he says he is waiting for is being written inside the White House, and won't be objective,

that we want him to stop voting with George Bush for "war without end," and

that we need to begin an orderly and safe drawdown and to bring our troops home to the hero's welcome and the lifelong support they have earned - we love our troops, and we want them home.

Please join your fellow citizens to urge an end to the war.

WHERE: Van Bittner Hall (Steelworkers Hall), 53 E. Lehigh Street, Bethlehem [Map]

WHEN: Tuesday, August 28th, 7 pm

I hope you will pass this e-mail on to your friends, and I look forward to seeing you there.Thank you so much.

Sam BennettBennett for Congress 2008PS - Please come and check out our brand-new website at Let us know what you think.

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