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Dennis Pearson Letter of Interest & Resume

Letter of Interest.
At the moment the County's largest city Allentown has only one resident on the Board of County Commissioners, Dan McCarthy. People outside the city hold all the at-large seats. Given this fact, the next Board of Commissioner from District 3 should be an Allentown resident. That is most logical but it may not necessarily be.

During the mid to late fifties the Lehigh Valley was predominately agricultural in both orientation and thought. The then existing industrial complex being primarily concentrated in the cities (that is, Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton in Pennsylvania and Phillipsburg in New Jersey) and a few outlying suburban communities. We note the heart of this five county industrial complex comprised the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, New Jersey Zinc Company, Ingersoll-Rand, Mack Trucks, Air Products & Chemicals, Lehigh Portland Cement and Western Electric.

I initiated a study entitled "We Present the Truth, But You Still Don't Comprehend" believing that I can come to a general understanding concerning the chronology and decision-making that has led to the planned or unanticipated destruction of the character of the Lehigh Valley's landscape from largely rural to urban sprawl which in its extended form is called megalopolis.

A megalopolis, of course, is an urban complex encompassing several major cities and regions. Its application in the Lehigh Valley region would be the Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (S.M.S.A) of Allentown-Bethlehem and Easton (A-B-E). The A-B-E S.M.S.A comprises the Counties of Carbon, Lehigh and Northampton in Pennsylvania and Warren County in New Jersey. We add that in regards to this study I concentrated on considerations that have impacted upon Lehigh County and its major city, Allentown; and I concerned myself with Carbon, Northampton, Berks or Warren Counties when developments there tied-in and matched my field of consideration.

Today the heart of the five county industrial complex has changed and the Count}' has dealt with this fact of life on a continuing basis as well as their response to the unanticipated destruction of the character of the Lehigh Valley's landscape from largely rural to urban sprawl.

As an lifetime resident of Lehigh County and the district I wish to serve, I have demonstrated my interest in the issues that face Local government whether it be the Allentown School Board, Allentown City Council or the Board of County Commissioners by being present at these meeting many times when I did not have to attend as most residents would do. In fact, my interest is such that it was even my practice to attend public meetings outside the City of Allentown.

It is my belief that I would be an asset to the County Board of Commissioners given the information I have learned from going to the before said meetings The fact, that I have been a leader in East Allentown for so many years and served these people with dedication and sincerity in a position of leadership that worked more to benefit the people of my neighborhood then myself.

If there is a learning curve to be a Commissioner I believe that my learning curve will be short given all this experience.

I would be most honored to fill the seat once occupied by Leon Eisenhart who offered his constituency one promise — " I will a good job." And doubly, I would be honored to succeed Kurt Derr as representative of the Third Commissioner District. Kurt Derr served his constituency well by doing his homework on the work that needed to be done.

Therefore, I Dennis LeRoy Pearson make this known this day of March 9, 2008 to the Lehigh County Board of Commissioners of my desire and interest to be appointed by the Board as the next Commissioner for District # 3. As Commissioner I seek to do a good job, do my homework and ask God if it is his will to serve me up with a little bit of wisdom to understand and react to the real concerns and needs of the people of my district and the people of Lehigh County.

To be appointed County Commissioner District # 3
A responsible, motivated and productive individual with over 25 years experiences in the industrial service section of a major metal-producing company. A hard-working and creative community leader who has demonstrated great ability in improving neighborhood livability. Very concerned about the needs of children and people. Certified Social Studies (PA/NJ), Elementary (NJ).

- President, Neighborhood Association
- Past Participant, Agere Technologies -Environment Advisory Group
- Board Member and Officer in effort to preserve the legacy of the individuals who worked in steel.
- Ability to identify needs
- Persuasive/influential
- Organizational Skills
- Motivational skills
- Capable of organizing and maintaining financial records
- An educator who was involved as an ESOL Adult Tutor, Catholic Relief Agency


*Northern Lehigh School District, Slatington, PA 2002- Present
*Sa!isbury Township School District, Allentown, PA 1999 - Present
*Southern Lehigh School District, Center Valley, PA 1999 - Present
*Parkfand School District, Aiientown, PA 1999 - Present
*East Perm School District, Emmaus, PA 2002- Present
*Bethlehem Area School District, Bethlehem, PA 1999 -Present
Northampton School District, Northampton, PA 1999 - 2002
*Saucon Valley School District, Hellertown, PA 1996 - Present
*Quakertown Community School District, Quakertown, PA2002- Present
*PhiIHpsburg School District, Philiipsburg, NJ 1999 -Present
**Whitehaff-Copiay School District, Whitehall, PA 1999 - 2002
(Short- Term Substitute Teacher --- * Denotes on list 2005-2006 term
Conduct classes on various subjects on a short-term basis as assigned.
Use various teaching methods.
" Summer School Instructor —- 2000 — Denoted by +)

Allentown YMCA/YWCA, Allentown, Pa 2000 - 2003
Tutor and Teacher - After School Child Care Program - Cetronia Elementary

Bethiehem Steel Corporation, Bethlehem PA 1973 - 2000
- Prepared incoming water for use by high-intensity boilers
- Analyzed water quality and treated accordingly.
- Worked to close tolerances.
- Maintained and operated boilers and auxiliary equipment
- Responsible for daily reports.
- Trained co-workers


4-Year College and University Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA
Act 48 Courses — 2002
Computer Training 1999
Certification (Social Studies 7-12 1970-1978
History (7-12) - BS Education 1965-1969
Muhlenberg Coiiege, Allentown, PA
* Act 48 Course — 2003
East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg, Pa
Coaching 1999-1999
Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA
* Elementary Education 1996-1998
Penm State University
Business 1997-1998
Lehigh University, Bethiehem, PA
MA History 1969-1971

2-Year College and Other Training Performance Resources

* USWA/Bethlehem Steel Career Development Program 1993-1999
Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School, Bethlehem, PA
* Web Page Development 1998-1998
Community CPR and First Aid 2002-2002
Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations 1992-1992
Lehigh County Community College, SchnecksviHe, Pa 1991-1991
Texas Education Agency 1991-1991
* Space Science
L.E. Dieruff High School, AHentown, PA 1962-1965

Computer Skills:
Word Processing and Writing, Graphics, Siide Shows, Desktop Publishing, Database,
Spreadsheets, World Wide Web....

Programs: Claris Works, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Money,
Microsoft Excel, Power Point, HyperStudio

Operating Systems - Macintosh, M.S. Dos, MS 3.1, MS 95, MS SSMicrosoft

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